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If Winamp is not responding to an OS message to shutdown, in a timely manner, then that is a problem. I have not seen that with Windows 7.

It should also be noted that Maiko has a feature that can cause Winamp to become non-responsive for several seconds (depending on hardware).

If the "finest samplerate converter" is enabled and the encoded sample rate changes between consecutive songs being played, then Maiko has to make an internal adjustment.

The option in Maiko says the delay can be up to 12 seconds. On my system it can take up to 70 seconds. Monitoring Winamp with the Windows Task Manager during this delay, I see Winamp listed as non-responsive.

There are no pop-up messages indicating this unless I try to get Winamp to do something else during this delay. Then I can either shutdown Winamp or wait for it to become responsive again. If I select wait, Maiko finishes whatever it is doing and Winamp starts working as normal (including acting on whatever it was I told it to do). If I select shutdown, then Winamp is forced closed and I lose whatever the latest state of things were (just like in a crash).

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