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Thursday 29 January

Sort the following words into six different categories and name
the categories.

sash, a-frame, airman, sergeant, blouse, petticoat, gunner, villa,
chrysanthemum, doll, poker, narcissus, Victorian, marbles, tuba,
clarinet, xylophone, admiral, orchid, rattle, blocks, costume,
barraca, violet

Musical instruments: rattle, clarinet, tuba, xylophone
Flowers: chrysanthemum, narcissus, orchid, violet
Military ranks: admiral, airman, gunner, sergeant
Toys and Games: doll, blocks, marbles, poker
Types of Houses: a-frame, barraca, Victorian, villa
Clothes: blouse, costume, petticoat, sash

I got a few of these mixed up: Spoiler: blocks as a type of building, rattle as a toy, and barraca as an instrument. I've never heard of a barraca.

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