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Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
I liked the albumart drawer but I understand that clicking the pieces together is of higher priority...
I did like it too. But snapping feature is one of the basic features which every skin should provide.

Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
... Are the arrows on the media library scrollbar buttons intentionally different in style from the arrows on the playback buttons or just left-overs from an earlier version?

Yep. The triangles on the scroll buttons have nothing in common with the set of PLAYBACK signs at the bottom of every container window. Intention. No left-overs.

By the way: I do hope you remember the thread I created about graphical glitches on high-resolution displays some months ago. The UP and DOWN arrows and the scroll buttons are bigger and look differently compared to the same MediaLibrary window on a standard viewport. Please have a look at this screenshot:

On the left: MediaLibrary on a 96dpi display. On the right: MediaLibrary on a 144dpi display. (150% scale on a FullHD laptop display)

Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
I am not sure if this helps but have you checked the backgroundThemes.m script of the Friends 1.1F skin? It changes png's with color themes.

Yes Ariszló, I also gave such idea a short thought. Those buttons would change their background color according to the chosen color theme but this was never my intention. My intention was to keep the "two-colors-mode" (blue/dark gray) for the wasabi buttons AND playback buttons changeable with a hit on a toggle button/context menu entry.

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