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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
The pre-selected color themes has been replaced with the "RGB Color Changer". It allows you to change the color of some of the items in the skin. It is listed in the Options - Quinto Black CT context menu command.

The options for Quinto Black CT also has an option for 'Show Peaks' in it's Visualizer - Visualizer Options. To turn the peaks indicator off, select this option (which causes the window listing all of the Quinto Black CT options to close). Then return to (re-display) the 'Show Peaks' option, you should see a check mark in front of the option, select the option again. This should turn the peaks indicator off (and remove the check mark if you re-display the option again). The need to double select the 'Show Peaks' option is probably a bug.

Having to reopen the Quinto Black CT options window to enable or disable each option is a nuisance, imo. But, I agree this skin is one of the best available for Winamp.
Unfortunately, while selecting 'Show Peaks' in the Visualizer Options did put a check mark in front of the option, selecting it a second time didn't disable them.

Also, with the RGB Color Changer, is it supposed to dynamically change the color as you're messing with the sliders, or is there something you need to do to apply the chosen color? The reason I ask is, if it is supposed to be a dynamic thing, it's not doing it; I seem to be stuck on the default bluish-white color. I mean, it's not at all unpleasant, but I've gotten partial to the 'Goldenrod' color theme, and I missed the v3.0 release, so v3.1 is my first experience with the skin without the predefined color themes.
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