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Re: Screw Microsoft

Originally posted by andrewsanders
the pansies tries to block AOL messenger from XP!
Bullshit! Why the hell would they want to do that? They know damn well they'd get sued faster than you can say "You've got mail" for doing such a thing. Come on, Microsoft isn't stupid. If they were, they'd have gone bankrupt as a result of legal costs long ago.

Originally posted by andrewsanders
Ye i agree that trillian is great but now i realsie that Winamp is alot better!
What the fuck are you going on about? You should book an appointment with your local neurologist... maybe he can figure out exactly what the hell's going wrong with your head, because I'm stumped.

Originally posted by BlurPak2k1 <= nice linux website
That's not a Linux website, it's an anti-Microsoft website. Everyone there hates Microsoft, but they aren't necessarily all Linux users. Some of them use Solaris, QNX, BeOS, Mac OS(X), *BSD, OS/2, and so forth. Windows and Linux aren't the only two OSes in existance, contrary to what some people believe.

Originally posted by KelseyB
i use windows 2k because most of my software is windows-only.

Run your Windows programs in Linux with this app. You're welcome.

Originally posted by Phily Baby
I like MS products, they are good.
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