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Originally posted by BDA7DD

Don't quote Linkin Park at me again!

What is wrong with microsft products? They do what you want and they do it in a way that is nice and easy to do. Ok so they only have 3 stable OS's (dos, NT4 and XP) but everything else is pretty good. It's all well supported driver wise and anyone can pick it up. Do you think we would have got where we are today without anyone with 2 brain cealls to rub together being able to work Windows out.

I use OMS office and have done for a long time. I've used StarOffice WordPerfect and a few others, nothing comes close to the usability and 'niceness' of Office. So I don't like everything about it, it's table use being one point. But I love the rest of it.

If you want to complain about MS go buy a Copy of SUSE linux and a copy of their amazing program that lets you run other OS's in windows (windows as in it's true meaning). Don't be a hypocrite.

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