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Lida Rose
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I'm using the "Classic" skin and it was working and suddenly stopped, I know not why??? I've searched all the options and can find nothing to help me get this back, and I can't see the full titles of the songs I'm playing because of this! Any help would be most appreciated. Perhaps the option to restore the double arrows is hidden somewhere?

Also, I have 3 panels which I can un-dock. Previously I could point my cursor anywhere along the edge of it and would get the double arrows, but no more...

Interesting...I switched to the Bento Skin you're using and got the double arrows back again, but no luck with the "Classic" skin!

Also, it would be so very much appreciated if anyone could tell me how to get my playlists to play again. In WIN XP they played fine, but when I upgraded to WIN 7, no go. They are all b4's, and I think they must have to be converted to something else in order for them to play, but I'm clueless as to what or how!

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