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Hi Lida,

The skin I'm using is listed in my signature line at the bottom of my posts. I assumed you were using Big Bento. Exactly which classic skin are you using and which build of Winamp 5.666? These little details are important to saving time when trying to replicate problems.

You probably need to point to the bottom right hand corner of the Playlist Editor window to change it's width. When the mouse pointer changes, click and drag carefully to the right, not up or down, to just change the width.

I never ran Winamp in Windows XP (98 to 2000 to Vista to 7), but I assume 'b4' is the playlist files' extension. If you have setup your current Winamp configuration to read ".b4" files, it should be able to read your playlists since they are just text files. You could also try changing 1 of your playlist file's ".b4" extension to ".m3u" to see if Winamp will then be able read it.

It may help (in finding solutions) to use the Winamp Info Tool ( to make an extended report of your Winamp configuration and attach it to a post. You can use the tool's preferences to have your Windows user profile name removed from the report (if you want to keep that private). Select the "Hide my user name in the paths of reports" option.

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