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Hi Aminifu,

Tried what you recommended in your last post, and still get no double arrow in order to move/stretch anything anywhere! Can't imagine what occurred or how I lost this, but I must have clicked on something wrong, that's for sure, as this function was working fine and suddenly stopped working!

I'm using the "Final" version of WinAmp, V. 5.666, Build 3516(x86) of 12-12-2013

Yes, all my playlist pieces end in the .b4 extension as they were used on my previous Win XP computer which is now WIN 7. I've tried re-naming the extensions to the .m3u extension, but they still will not play. I've not even been able to create playlists in this version, as the procedure must be quite different than that of WIN XP, and I haven't a clue as to how to do it. I love the player, but am not getting very far with it, other than being able to play my music library by "adding songs" to it using the "Play/File" option.

Actually, I'm considering removing this version and reverting back to an earlier version that might work better with WIN 7. I have one earlier version's set-up file or I could go to and find one there...Do you think that would that help?


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