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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
why would you not get the same dialog in both places? i want the arrows in both places. this then is a bug right? why two different dialogs for the same function?
it's the same dialog in all instances of it showing but unless an api is implemented to be able to query the selection of media library views there's no way it will show the [<<] [>>] buttons when opened from the library as this is hack i implemented in the JTFE plug-in for the playlist editor (where there had been some requests for it and it made testing somethings for me easier).

so not a bug as it's working correctly against what is able to be done and what the plug-in is expected to be doing. i can see why it would be confusing but by there being a lack of the buttons in the ml opening of the dialog i thought it was clearer than just leaving the added buttons on the page in a disabled state (that instead happens when the dialog is open from the playlist editor and the playlist is then cleared).

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