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in ideal world then this would have been implemented from the start when 2.90 was released but it wasn't and a lot of the 'issues' with the media library stem from the original design.

obviously it would be nice if there was an api to allow for this but then for it to be complete all 3rd party plug-ins which also implement media library views would need to be updated to cope with it and we know that is unlikely to happen so it still wouldn't be complete (even if the official views support it).

and most of the issues with the ml stem from a few key aspects with how they communicate amongst themselves (where in most cases a more direct way of conveying changes from one pane to another would improve things alot) which then causes a lot of the issues which i've seen you and others report. we can hope that one day something will be done to improve things as the ml isn't as bad as it has been but it's not quite there really.

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