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Normally I'd say to update your drivers but you said this JUST happened to you, so...

Did you inadvertantly switch from DirectSound to waveOut, or waveOut to DirectSound perhaps?

If your system is a Win9x system, use waveOut. For Win2k and XP use DirectSound.

Press CTRL+P to bring up Preferences window
Audio > Output Method
Select either DirectSound or waveOut from the dropdown choices there, depending on your system.

Also, you said that you USED TO be able to listen to your Japanese MP3's with no problem. This would be strange if any of the MP3 filenames contained any non-English characters at all. Winamp3 has a serious bug which will be addressed in the next public release, whereby it gets "confused" by foreign characters. But usually, in that case, it won't even play the MP3 at all.

Are you certain that your Japanese music was playing properly before? If not, or if some do and some don't, then you will need to replace any non-English characters with English ones, both in the filename, as well as in both the ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. That is, until Winamp comes up with a "fix" for this in the next release.


Your problem may be something as simple as a loose connection from your soundcard to your speakers. Consider that also. Doubtful though, if your MIDIs play fine. But worth checking anyway.

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