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Compaact MP4 Files no go in WinAMP?

I recently started experimenting with encoding MP4 audio format, but am unable to play them even with the MP4 AAC component/plugin installed. The file loads, but sits there. Pressing play does nothing either.

Has anyone been able to determine if there is a working MP4 plugin yet for WinAMP, or is it too soon?

Never mind. I discovered it doesn't work with WinAMP3. For kicks, I copied to an ancient WinAMP setup on an old computer and once I associated .MP4 with WinAMP, it played.

Frankly, I'm not impressed with the results. The quality at 64kbps seems roughly equivalent to the quality of RealMedia9 at 44kbps.

Is this MP4 decoder for WinAMP decoding at the full quality, or at some sub-rate? It sounds a little better than MP3 at 96k, but still doesn't approach RealMedia quality.

I am looking for a substitute for RealMedia, because I get too many complaints from people who refuse to install Real products on their PCs. MP3 is way too big, so I was optimistic that MP4 might be a solution. But it looks like I need to accept a 50% larger file size to get the same quality of Real, but that leaves out 56K dialup users, who are presently able to stream the 40kbps Real clips.

I'd like to hear field comments from others who are experimenting with MP4 as a replacement for RealMedia. THanks.
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