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Hello everyone again,

First off, thanks Jumper001 for enlightening me on all these things I didn't see on first look. It seems I have been wrong on the "simpleness" of the things changed

Fortunately though, from what I've been toying around with, it seems this thread can be history now.

After seeing different results, I supposed it could have been a driver problem. So I proceeded to update everything, BIOS flash, VIA drivers, etc., all except nVidia. Why nVidia? Because for some mysterious reason, all upgrades above 40.72 have been impossible as my monitor would lose signal as soon as Windows XP login screen would come up.

Fortunately for me, all this toying around made me stumble upon the solution to this problem, and I've been able to update to the latest drivers 53.03 (at last, after being deprived from these updates from months!).

Funnily enough, it seems to have solved the CPU usage problem. By disabling the songticking (which seems to be consuming "much", that is 1% CPU usage from time to time), I've finally been able to reach my flat 0% CPU threshold. Phew

So the morale to this story? If you find Winamp consumes too much CPU, you might wanna look on your display drivers

Thanks again for your help everyone,
- Veldhar
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