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"tough" means I really struggled with the equations necessary to create the illusion of a fly between buildings, without nuisances getting in your way such as distortions, walls visible that should be hidden, mirrored textures, poor performance etc. I had planned something like this but it was really difficult to implement in milkdrop. Actually I wanted higher complexity, more than two copies of the buildings, but the frame rate would just drop unacceptably.

Milkdrop is based on a flat mesh and not made for 3D - you cannot define small surfaces as in game engines, but need to run through the whole uv-space for each single surface, and mask out what needs to be invisible. In this preset this is done 9 times (8 individual walls, plus the lava ground). Unfortunately the masking makes things even slower rather than faster, because the shaders always seem to run the whole code irrespective of any "if"-conditions or similar. Even the invisible parts will be calculated. I guess this has to do with the hardware structure which makes the calculation power possible in the first place.

I have not really, as you say "analysed my creative process" - sometimes I have an idea or "vision" I'd like to implement, sometimes it's just playing around. The night forest clearly was a vision, funky illusions as well, although the latter could not be done the way I had wished so I had to simplify it. I still needed quite some maths for it, and used a mathematical software to assist me with the matrix calculations.

Then, sometimes, I discover something interesting just by chance. Normally I would then still spend a few hours trying to fine tune it... which is not always a good idea, sometimes I found the next day that the original draft looked better than the one I had put a lot of work into. But then again, all of this is highly subjective, and there are days when I'm staring at the screen and only see annoying patterns which get on my nerves. It just needs to be fun.

And, I am getting bored quickly, which is why I try to make presets of quite different character, and try not to use the same shader too often. The best shader trick will look bland after you've seen a hundred versions of it.

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