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Fuck you AOL.
And a special 'Fuck you' goes out to any employee that helped to take that decision.

I don't use shoutcast any more, as it is, but not allowing free or open source software to make use of shoutcast?
What shit have you lot been doing lately? It must be a pretty bad batch whatever it is though.

Are they trying to kill off shoutcast or something?
I mean they're basically stopping all 3rd party clients supporting shoutcast, that don't want to be raped by the same shit we have to put up with in the winamp installer.
Don't you want poeple to listen to the radio? It's your product after all. (Well not really yours, haven't all the original shoutcast people left now?)

Doing shit like doesn't make people want to use winamp or a shitty little flash player any more, you daft knob jockeys.
People will just move to IceCast or something and then there will be cake.

I'd post a wonderfully sarcastic post here but AOL seem like they enjoy destroying products and not caring lately, so it would be waste to try and entertain deaf ears.

Not that I should be surprised by this, well maybe by how long it too for this to happen.

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