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Apparently this is an Android issue. Android loads all apps at boot and sticks them in the background. Even after you kill them they eventually get started again. There are some apps in the market that say they let you choose the apps to load at start up, but all the free versions require services that I don't want to give them so I haven't tried any of these yet. Since the platform is becoming very popular and the virus writers are starting to look at the possibilities, I've started to really pay attention to what things an app wants to be able to use. GPS, network, phone, storage, and recorder all on the same file utility generally mean they are either spying on you, or stealing stuff from you. One of the latest is an audio recording app that listens to your phone calls and records things that might be credit card numbers and passwords. Since it was an audio recording app you wouldn't think twice about letting it have access to storage and the audio structure, but it sort slides the other stuff past because few people actually read and think about the services that an app wants to use. Time to get smarter or become infected.

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