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Importing and Organising New Media Question - Itunes vs Winamp

I understand that importing to media library adds a new watch folder however... it doesn't move the actual files into a consolidated winamp media folder. I prefer to have the actual mp3s consolidated and organised and I'd prefer not to have to do this manually.

For example...
In Itunes if you import a folder of mp3s / an mp3 / a folder with subfolders full of mp3s, it will copy them to a colidated directory and folderise neatly by artist an album. This import also includes artwork. Is there anyway to set Winamp up to do this? I don't want to have the actual files spread around my computer in different places. I want them all in one place.

I'd like the same thing to happen when ripping from a CD.

Any advice would be great. Perhaps I'm thinking about this in the wrong way.


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