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I have also some folder and sub-folder with WAV-files (not only much MP3, many WMV and a few WMA). Original WAV-files cannot get ID-tags, so it makes no sense to paste an album art with the album name in a folder with only original WAV-files.
In each folder and sub-folder with my WAV-files I have pasted a jpg-file with the exact file-name "cover" in a size between 400x400 - 700x700 pixel (also in all the folder, to where my composed music will come as WAV-files). For each folder and sub-folder I select a 1:1-jpg-picture, which I want to have as jpg-file "cover" there, of course. For me this method works, my Winamp shows the jpg-file "cover" for WAV-files (and also for other files without an album, or if I have made a mistake with an album name in the ID-tags).
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