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Sync a mounted watchfolder

My complete music collection is located in one folder on a machine running Windows Server 2012. The folder is set up for sharing and is mounted with Samba on my OS X devices. In Winamp Sync I added the mounted folder as a watchfolder and it started adding all the music to the library. Although it did take about 15 minutes for the scanning to complete, I got access to all the music on the server.

The problem is syncing the library on my OS X devices when new music is added to the watchfolder located on the server.
There is no option to rescan watchfolders like on Windows?
The only way I managed to trigger a scan is by removing and re-adding the mounted folder as a watchfolder. Winamp will then start scanning, which it has been doing for about 20 minutes now without adding the new songs added on the server.

Using this setup, what is the best way to keep mounted watchfolders in sync with the library?
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