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Originally Posted by rockouthippie View Post
[Try taking the Llama out of your playlist?]

Yup. You don't even need to "take it out". It's wiped the first time you access or create a playlist. I think it even wipes if you play a file directly unless you have "en-queue" set.

It looks like I installed Winamp about 9 months ago. I have not heard "it whips" since.
There are cases where you can accidentally keep the Llama in the main playlist. I tend to drag and drop tracks from either the Media Library or from Windows Explorer. And the same with the Enqueue options. In all those cases the Llama stays at the top of the playlist - exactly like any other MP3 would.

If I loaded up a whole new playlist, then yes, as you describe, the Llama gets turned into Llama Curry and never returns.

I did have to laugh the other night as I had forgotten that my laptop in the bedroom had a fresh Winamp install on it. I had dragged a number albums into the playlist to play when the girlfriend was round. It did disrupt the mood into a bit of comical laughter when the playlist got to the bottom and then repeated from the top... the sound of a Llama can give an odd response at the wrong time. LoL!!!
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