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Originally Posted by bbr View Post
And, even if you then click winamp to bring it to the foreground, as soon as you click anything else - winamp will go back to being in the background. e.g. it forgets the "always on top" option is checked, "most of the time" - not always. Hence I can see it's annoying to debug.
It's not enough to just click on Winamp to bring it to the foreground. You need to double click the "Always on top" button to reestablish the mode. With that GP option selected maybe Winamp should visually clear the "Always on top" button and menu option (if possible) when something else takes the focus, to lessen the confusion.

Anyway, when something else is allowed to take the focus (or takes it anyway), this is the best you can do to make Winamp stay on top again for a time.

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