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Next week Aldi will offer a PC with Windows 10. I don't know, if this PC has a Realtek Soundcard, which is necessary for perfect performances, but it has NVDIA and Direct X 12.

Maybe Direct X 12 can handle much better with "A Dive In Music" in Firefox & Chrome. If there is also "Stereomix" on the computer, then a music website can be started in a second tab. On my Workstation PC I have Direct X 11 & Direct X 9, and with "A Dive In Music" I can get a graphic card error, if I am not careful enough.

Hopefully the artist-software will work on Windows 10, after many artists had complained in the past, that their Ableton and Cubase would not work on Windows 8 & Windows 8.1. Of course we want to create good songs and good music-videos also on Windows 10, and we want to make good live-events, where a computer with Windows is needed.

And I hope, the artists can make their uploads also from computers with Windows 10 without suddenly getting trouble from somewhere. About the privacy, we want to keep our eyes open...

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