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A few more things came in:

Picked up a $50 bill from 1928, back when we were still on the gold standard. It mentions that it is redeemable in gold.

$2 bill from 1917. Terrible pictures due to the plastic being curved a bit. I need a setup where I can lay a piece of glass on top to flatten it out.

1000 Won from South Korea, from 1950. Serial number 47. This particular issue was printed in Japan.

1960-O Half Dollar. O = New Orleans mint. Filled a hole in my Type Set album.

1863 Indian Head cent. Also filling a hole. Huge die crack on the reverse, and either a small die crack or a die scratch in the "AM" of AMERICA.

Austria Maria Theresa Thaler, 1780X re-strike. They've been re-struck from 14 or more different mints nearly continuously since 1781. Hundreds of millions available. Newer ones are about $20 shipped. They're 83.3% silver, and contain 0.752 troy ounce equivalent of pure silver.

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