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err, he didn't stop development of that component because it was too hard to work for Wa3, it was because he didn't wanna have to recompile it every other week or so, and answer shitloads of support/flame mails about this and that...

For me an all the other plugin developers it was a pity to see that the development one had learned for WA2 didn't work anymore.
you know, there's the other side of this, me and alot of other people, have learned the Wa3 system and like it very much, going back would mean the same thing for us as going forward would mean for you...

I'm sticking with Wa3, but am also still using 2.
Up til now, 2 has been my main player, in the future though, it all depends which player will offer the most and best features.
Before 2.9 was released, I thought I'd switch to 3 as my main player maybe next build, dunno anymore though..

Anyway, both players will be there, just like before, so there's really no problem.

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