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Garbled output with INDEO-encoded videos (AVI)

Yes, it's a risk to post this here, but I know what I'm doing, because just recently I did a fresh install of my OS and avoided at any cost to install too much stuff that may be responsible for the output.

- Win2K SP 4 ** FRESH INSTALL **
- nForce mainboard @ Win2K reference drivers 4.27
- ALL critical security fixes applied (DCOM, Sasser etc.)
- DirectX 9.0c
- Freshly installed Indeo 5 full package
(including Indeo Video 3.2 support!)

=> There were NO DIVX5 or any other codecs installed yet! <=

After installing the original package, Indeo 3, 4 and 5 AVI videos play perfectly on Media Player 6.4, but not on Winamp. The audio is OK, but the display is all a garbled color mess.

I am not going to install another codec package (yet) because this is the original one shipped by Indeo at the beginning of the millennium, and if Winamp can't be persuaded to work with that, it may be called a bug.

I think that installing DivX 5 might "fix" it, but I also like to see it working with the original driver software by Indeo, as "fixing" it by installing DivX 5 is casting out the demons by the ruler of the demons.

This *must* be reproducible.

Developers: If you're in need of the Indeo 5 package (I think it's not available anymore on the net!), you can contact me via PM.
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