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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Winamp has a lot of settings (plus those related to 3rd party plug-ins). Doing what you did is more common than people want to admit. After doing the same kind of thing a few times, I now keep a log of all the defaults and the changes that I make so that I can backtrack when unexpected things happen. Even with the log, it sometimes takes awhile to find the change(s) that caused an unexpected reaction.
Well, I write down and keep all changes concerning Windows / registry, but not what is stored in settings or obvious / small. And yet I have them so many

I probably thought that without "Always On Top" turned on in the docked sub-menu, the docked mode would be obscured whenever I had a maximized window of any software. [And the seeing "Always On Top" turned off in overall Options was sure, it was turned off]

Or I thought of "Always On Top" in the sub-menu for docked mode in the sense "Always on [in] the upper part of screen", not noticing at the same time the already picked "Top" option there
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