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I've tried and have yet to get any to work either. It seems that any stream with a numbered URL will go through all of them but never play them and give that "failed to play requested stream" error but ones with a URL that has a name title like or something like that it just tries to load but goes nowhere. Apparently this is common but of the treads I have seen questioning this issue none have provided answers or been addressed by Winamp. I sure wish they would get this straight. I play internet radio on my desktop Winamp all the time and have been a Winamp faithful since the early 2000s and will not use any other player unless Winamp can't play the desired media. It was one of the first things I tried looking for when I first got my Android about 6 months ago. It wasn't available then so I was ecstatic when it finally became available because I wanted to be able to play internet radio without the limitations and commercialization of Pandora and the like. So please address/fix this Winamp!
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