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Issue with Station on Android Phone

I'm not sure this is phone specific or platform specific but I'll describe the details the best I can.

I have an Android Google Nexus 1 phone and I use Xiia Live to stream (issue occurs on other streamers as well), it works great %95 of the time but when I save a station and listen to it it often works but sometimes when I click on that station it plays a different station.

Ex. I click on the station I saved or go to a particular station, say station "X" it plays, but when I stop the station and attempt to play the same station it plays station "Y", I stop the stream and try again, again "Y" plays, stop the stream, try again, finally "X" stream plays!

Play the station I want "X"


Play same station but "Y" station plays.


Try again, several times, finally "X" station plays.

Sorry I couldn't describe it better. I don't expect a solution really but why a station with a fixed address like http://104.100.... would play a different station, usually the same different station.

Any guesses?

This issue never occurred before the recent change with ShoutCast.
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