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IE, FF and Opera driving me nuts

I am making a webpage, a page for some of my friends which I play a game called Second Life with, but no matter. Everyone knows that the browsers displays stuff different, and IE is far into the plains when it comes to following the Document Object Model.

I my case, I am having trouble cause I use borders.

If you look at my page and look at the menu to the left, and do so with Firefox and Opera, they are almost similar, but if you open this page with Internet Explorer, you'll see the Document Object Model here is very different, and it makes my menu very narrow.

I am wondering, is there any model which makes them appear almost the same, a hack or trick which makes it look similar with IE, FF and Opera?

Hate to bug you for this, and to those who think I spam, this page have no commercial content at all. It's plainly for my Second Life friends.


And I forgot the current stylesheet. Called Asylum located so you don't have to do source-digging to help me.

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