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Winamp Essentials Pack 5.54 released:

Download | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Full changelog

* New: [f263.w5s] playback support for additional FLV codecs
* New: [ml_impex] Winamp Database Import/Export plug-in
* New: [enc_flake] encoding support for FLAC audio format, based on FLAKE 0.11
* New: [gen_find_on_disk] added ability to translate FFOD plug-in via Essentials Pack installer
* New: [gen_timerestore] added Finnish and Bulgarian language files
* Improved: [Installer] changed compiler date format (%d.%m.%Y instead of %Y/%m/%d)
* Improved: [Installer] changed behavior of "No" button in Winamp detection code, so that installer won't close anymore
* Improved: [Instaler] added a check, that f263.w5s just will be installed, if in_flv is already installed
* Improved: [Instaler] added a check, that Playlist Sidecar just will be installed, if gen_ff is already installed
* Improved: [Installer] changed icon, which is shown in Windows software menu, to look better under XP/Vista
* Fixed: [Installer] installer now creates a backup of modern skin files if Playlist Sidecar is checked, backup files will be
restored on uninstall, to fix a nasty uninstaller bug
* Fixed: [Installer] added an additional check to the uninstaller, if someone has deleted the backup folder/files, uninstaller won't remove
Playlist Sidecar
* Fixed: [Installer] fixed a bug, that FFOD was setted to Dutch for English users, related to a bug in Dutch language file (5.54 beta related issue)
* Misc: [Installer] removed trap translations for official bundled Winamp languages
* Updated: Playlist Sidecar to v1.1, which fixes compatibility issues
* Updated: [enc_vorbis] Nullsoft Vorbis Encoder to version 1.2, based on aoTuV b5.5 and has improved localization support
* Updated: [Installer] Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Spanish, French and Portuguese language files to v1.11 (thanks guys )
* Updated: [Installer] to NSIS v2.37.3 (Unicode)

The Playlist Sidecar is back in this version. We trying our best to make this aviable via too.

German Translation

The German translation now features full localized images for the Modern Skin, big thanks to Pawel Porwisz for drawing the images.

It's also based on latest Winamp 5.54 example file, which provides a much more complete translation especially for the Modern Skins, And it has a fully localized MilkDrop translation and tons of tweaks.

I hope you like it.

Undocumented new Winamp 5.54 Skin features

releated to: * Misc: Various other 'Winamp Modern' & 'Bento' skin updates

The Winamp Modern Skin now shows values for Preamp and EQ in the songticker:

The Modern Skin notifier now also shows the Album-Art like Bento:

Modern Skin Album Art window now also features the right click menu:

And Bento now shows the state of the Balance in Songticker too, like Modern Skin already did:

Thanks to the person, who added these lovely stuff.

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