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Build 2147 is now up on the download servers.

Changes since build 2145:

Two new * Fixed: [ml_playlists] entries in whatsnew (these were long-standing bugs, and not just 5.54beta related), ml_playlists.dll bumped to v1.15

A minor drag+drop onto ml frame bug fix (5.54beta-specific, gen_ml version unchanged)

A browser.maki fix for cPro skin compatibility

A few minor gen_dropbox drag+drop bug fixes

Dutch Installer fixed

winamp.exe build version bumped to 2147

and that is all.

If you're still getting build 2145, then wait a while longer.
Note that you might need to empty your internet cache...

If you still can't get build 2147, try adding gdownload into the url, eg.
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