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I am using AVS. In fact we are, Hurricane and I. See for our VJing efforts.
micro.D is using AVS in a very similar way, regularly VJing in clubs.
micro.D even made a neat AVS Mixer in VVVV, which I rewrote and extended and which we are using for our Effekthasch-gigs. It can be found at On that website you can also find the detailed description of our setup, if anyone is interested.

As for rewriting AVS - I, like so many others, started a project, and I have a lot of ideas that I want to incorporate. I am constantly - although very slowly - working on that. A snapshot can be found also on my github page. Technical details: A GUI in Qt and a backend using SDL, planned to run on Win/Lin/Mac... As with all the others, I have no clue if I'll ever finish that, but right now I have every intention to do so.

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