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Hi MrSinatra,

The first 2 proposed changes I would not object to. Users can do this for themselves, but it will take a while for some to realize that they can and for others to gain the courage to change the defaults. I'm not sure that all users understand that the default views are smartviews.

The 1st proposal does help further show the utility of smartviews. The 2nd proposal would be a help for those with many compilation and duet albums.

For me, the artist and album artist tag data are almost always the same, or I make them so for the few songs I have from compilations and such. So I would just change the middle panel to artist for the Genres view and remove the album artist column to keep from having duplicate info listed side by side.

As for the 3rd proposed change, I completely agree that the metadata "guessing" should be opt-in instead of opt-out. While "guessing" ensures the media library will have some data to work with, "guessing" does more harm than good, imo.

I thought "Use Artist as Album Artist if not available" was already opt-in. It's been so long since I enabled it, I don't remember. I know the album artist tag can be useful for some, it's just not very useful for me.

On the other hand I would understand if nothing is changed. Users rely too much on intuition and default configurations. We all need to read the docs and at least look at all the options, to get the full value from the apps we use. Even more so in the case of Winamp, because of all it can do on its own and with 3rd party plug-ins.

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