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Not sure... and you know I really should... I think I believed that since it crashed in 5.65 it would crash thereafter (since ml_ipod is essentially dead/unsupported), It was also because it would crash only when I attempted to sync, so I figured it something with how ml_ipod interacts with winamp core.

There's also that I have my winamp all set up just fine with ml_ipod and no issues currently, so I kind of figured I would leave as is until my 8 year old ipod classic would finally crap out.

But I have just recently downloaded Floola and mediamonkey to try instead of winamp to sync my ipod, since I only sync every couple of months or so. If that works then I might give it a try again. I would prefer to keep ipod syncing and music listening separate anyway.


Current status of Winamp: (Winamp 5.8) is not an ongoing project get wacup

5.8 beta issue quick fix - Install 5.666 (there's no further 5.8 releases)
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