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the link is to get a plug-ins list so i can see what is present in your install which might be causing the issue if you're insistent on not storing metadata in playlist files.

#EXTINF entries are where the title and length are stored if found and is best thought of as a cache to improve loading of the file entries into a playlist view. so as long as nothing is done to those entries then re-loading that playlist should use them and that will be a lot quicker as Winamp won't need to re-create the titles (which can be slow if accessing a remote drive or having an overly complex ATF formatting string for the playlist or not having all of the metadata pre-cached in the library especially if dealing with very large numbers of files).

as long as you keep the same playlist in Winamp then it will keep that information, when you load a new playlist then that will trigger a title re-read if no title information is in the playlist.

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