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Hellow !

I've already a new last question pleaaaase =(

If my boolean is at 1 I have to compil with "File "${FILEJAVA}""

But if my boolean is at 0 I don't want to compil with "File "${FILEJAVA}"" because if my boolean is at 0, ${FILEJAVA} doesn't exist ! So: error.

How can I do please ? =(

PHP Code:
ReadINIStr     $Bool_Java         $PLUGINSDIR\SelectElements.ini     "Field 9"  "State"

;With a manipulation I put the value of $Bool_Java in the !define BOOL_JAVA
;There's no problem with this ;)

!define BOOL_JAVA 0

Section "Java"                     Java_JRE

!if ${BOOL_JAVA} == 1
Goto begin
Goto end

SetOutPath    $TEMP
File        "${FILEJAVA}"

; Installation JRE
    nsExec::ExecToStack '


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