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I've seen that before. Sometimes to get a new IP address you have to tell your router to release and then renew your IP address (works only with routers with that functionality.)

If you didn't pay for a static IP and/or if your ISP didn't explicitly say you have a static IP, then you don't have a static IP. When I had an ISP my IP address wouldn't change for 2 months at a time (it made my No-IP dynamic domain name service warn me my free domain was expiring due to inactivity several times.)

If you didn't order/pay for a static IP it's bound to change when you least expect it.

Try turning off the firewall on the router. Also try temporarily turning off all anti-malware, anti-virus, and firewall software on the computer as well.

If all that doesn't work, uninstall all firewall/anti-virus/malware software then from a command prompt type in:
netsh int ip reset logfile.txt

netsh winsock reset

Then reboot and reinstall your anti-virus/anti-malware/firewall one at a time and make sure each one isn't the culprit.
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