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the current Winamp release runs as expected on Windows 8 from what i've had a chance to test yesterday - the only thing i didn't install was the sonic engine (but then i generally don't install it). and so far from what i've heard / seen, no one on the team has seen such a failure.

so maybe it's coming from doing an in-place upgrade (as it sounds like you may have done) compared to just a complete clean OS install as i and others have done (and if it's just from that then i don't know why an upgrade would cause the issue being seen).

so really all i can suggest is to go to the Winamp\plugins folder and start by moving out all of the ml_* plug-ins to another folder to see if that has any effect. if that doesn't help then move onto the gen_* plug-ins and if that doesn't work then there's something really messed up with your install. if it loads once the gen_* are moved out of the folder, you'd then need to move them back in one at a time until it fails again.

alas it's tedious but that's the best i can suggest if the process won't stay loaded.

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