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Windows 8 compatibility

I have installed and uninstalled this media player several times in the last week to try to get it to work correctly with windows 8 x64 and it just simply will not. It will play and do certain things, but it is not at all compatible with windows 8 and I find that rather odd when they have had a year to get this ready.

Many are having this problem, not just us and other issues as well, like shoutcast not working due to IE and windows 8 compatible issues. I fear they may have to remake the entire program as I am about ready to give up on it now.

I do not blame anyone, just the nature of the beast, but I been trying to get it to work right for weeks now and I find that tiring, why fight it when others work as well or better.

Just my opinion...I been using this program for years, it saddens me that now it will not work correctly in a new OS that has been out for months.....
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