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Don't bother with versions of Winamp older than Windows 8 - it is not surprising if they don't work.

Stick with the beta. I am sure there are people here running on Windows 8 as I can see it is part of the testing. I'd also be very wary of "app compatibility admin fixes" (whatever they are) as these can cause troubles later on when using a later version of software which truely is Win8 native.

If it was me, I'd start from scratch. Get shot of the tweaks you have done. Then do a full uninstall of Winamp. And remove the %appdata%\Winamp folder of settings. Then try again to install the very latest beta. Once you have that installed return here with a few more details of what you are seeing and someone will attempt to help you.

You'll also see mention of using the Winamp Info Tool to tell us more about your PC setup and Winamp installation.
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