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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
though why they're doing anything with the recent history is bizarre and there's really no need to do it. maybe there was a reason why when they added such support, but why only those files and none of the other idx/dat files? just doesn't quite make sense to me as everything which can be done to store things in the correct settings folder is done and messing with that is just wrong.
It could be just because of the file name, i.e. "recent".

Some people (particularly those who share their computer) for personal or security concerns don't want logs of what files they have opened left behind. Apps like CCleaner let them delete this stuff from 1 place instead of having to go to each app to do so.

Additional cleanup rules can be added to CCleaner manually (so different Winamp associated rules could be added to fit a specific need) and "CCEnhancer" is an app specifically designed to add rules for apps that are not handled by default.

CCleaner can do much more than just delete abandoned temp files. It can cause serious damage to apps and the OS if not used carefully. I use it once a month or so to clean up stuff I know to be useless junk and logs I don't want to keep. It is possible to view what has been selected for deletion before it is deleted and thus prevent 'accidents'. But for many, the best prevention is to not use CCleaner and apps like it.

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