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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
you're probably thinking of the temp file which Windows was generating when we were trying to determine information from CD drives (which still persists but i thought i'd put in something which will try to clean it up, but it wasn't something directly generated by us as i made sure where possible anything like that is correctly cleaned).
ok, so is there a way ccleaner can target such files?

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
though why they're doing anything with the recent history is bizarre and there's really no need to do it. maybe there was a reason why when they added such support, but why only those files and none of the other idx/dat files? just doesn't quite make sense to me as everything which can be done to store things in the correct settings folder is done and messing with that is just wrong.
i'll tell them to look at this thread again, since its clear they are reading it.

anything else they could do? other suggestions for them?

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