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InstallLib - Pass Flags

Hello! After several hours of searching, googling, experimenting, etc. I have come to here as a last resort. I'm building an installer that registers a .dll file, but this .dll has a flag that can be passed to change the end result when it is registered. I cannot find any way to pass this flag using InstallLib. It appears to be possible using Exec, but all the documentation and all the guides/wiki/forum posts/stackoverflow/etc. etc. all say that we should not be using Exec anymore, and InstallLib is "more versatile and has more flexibility". I am not finding this to be the case, as I don't seem to have control over the flags being sent.

As an example of what I need to be able to do:

regsvr32 /n /i:"2" "c:\temp\my.dll"

Is there a way to do this using InstallLib, or should I just use Exec instead?
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