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Mark Nascimento
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Shortcut - 'start in' box

CreateShortCut "$smprograms\Disco\CDMenu.lnk" "$exedir\Disco\CDMenu\CDMenuProEd.exe"

How to fill the "start in" ? I never found a way. With this link property box empty, the CDMenu always starts in Russian.
When I fill the start in box with the full path (without the executable, of course) it starts in the language I configured the program, lets say English.

Another software that needs a "start in" is CheMax.exe. without this, the software shows
"ERROR 0x0001 Please reinstall"

How to fill the "start in" box of the link properties using nsis?

(I am Brazilian so 'start in' may be a wrong translation from 'Iniciar em')
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