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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Yes, enabling the Litestep options in Winamp Prefs is also a known issue.

With Winamp closed, open winamp.ini (in Winamp dir) in Notepad,
and edit the following line accordingly:


This will make sure both "Litestep VWM Compatible mode" and "Always on Litestep Virtual Desktops" are unchecked.

keeponscreen=2 enables "Litestep VWM mode"
keeponscreen=3 enables "Always on LVDs"
keeponscreen=4 enables both (however, this doesn't seem to be working, and the value is staying at "2", which could well be the cause of the problem?)

If I enable both options, then I also get the same error message (on winamp startup) as everyone else here...

WinXP version:

Winamp has encountered a problem and needs to close

AppName: winamp.exe | AppVer: | ModName: gen_ff.dll | Offset: 00014c74
Nope, i have the
keeponscreen=1 already, but it still crashes.
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