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Hi all,

my problem is this:
i've got about 1.5 GByte of files to install (multiple files; biggest not larger than 200 MB). I can only compile using zlib compression. When i try to use bzip2 or lzma I get this error:

Using lzma (compress whole) compression.

EXE header size: 49152 / 35328 bytes
Install code: (38548 bytes)
Install data: (1444031845 bytes)
Uninstall code+data: (61041 bytes)
Compressed data: Error: deflateToFile: deflate()=-3
Error - aborting creation process

I tried it with bigger dictsizes, but this didn't work. These results were with a dictsize of 48 MB (was desperate .

ps I use Windows2000 SP4 and NTFS drive with about 10 GB free.

I used the latest NSIS build (non-CVS)
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