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return wasabi;
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two things:

1. you forgot to add lastBitrate = newBitrate after the if in the timer..

2. this method will first show CBR when a song starts, and then _if_ the song is really VBR, it will switch to showing VBR once the bitrate has actually changed from it's starting value..
That's not good enough.

Let's say the song has really small bitrate changes that are few and far apart, then it may go as far as maybe a minute or so before the bitrate changes and the script switches from CBR to VBR.

Which in turn pretty much makes this script useless, as the user will see on the bitrate itself that it's VBR.

The whole point was to show VBR on VBR files even though it may not be noticable in the bitrate a while..

so, this won't work I'm afraid..
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