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Although I agree that the implementation of Album Artist could be used, it still doesn't address the issue when there's a song where several artists collaborated on it.
An example:
Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil'Kim - Lady Marmalade

In this case, you can't just put "Christina Aguilera" in the Album Artist field, as the song was found in in the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack... so you end up puting "Moulin Rouge OST" in the Album Artist Field... yet, the Artist field is still populated with the names of 4 artists that would create a different entry in the ML, instead of being part of the artists' entry.

If there was a delimitor, you could have that same song, under all four different artists, as well as the album artist, that in this case would be the same as the Album. Leaving this as a quite useful feature yet to be implemented.

Just my 2¢

EDIT: More on this on this other thread

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