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Originally posted by LordDaimos
Standard users can execute in Program Files but you can't have your application writing files (such as settings) there. For that there is %appdata%.
That's my point, I'm totally agree with you in theorie...

Before NSIS, I was using standard MSI installer to install my application in Program Files directory, and all was working fine:
- installation: ok
- running the application as a standard user: ok

But I wanted to move from that MSI installer, and started to learn about nsis, which is perfect for our usage.

But now, I'm facing on the pb described, problem I didn't have before with the msi installer....:
Why should Vista asks everytime for elevation on admin account when I'm trying to run my application...?

Is it in my application level (strange...) or is it due to my installation procedure...

Anyway, thanks for help

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